Thursday, November 8, 2007

Rexburg Temple

Alright my very first posting. And I promise its a good one. Daniel and I were offered the task of cleaning up the grounds outside the temple. In return we would get the oppurtunity to have our own little private tour of the inside of the temple. We didn't want to tour this big temple on our own so we gave Catherine a call and had her join us at the temple.

Catherine and I wiping down the fence on the temple grounds

We wiped down the entire fence with a water and vinegar mix, moved extremely heavy benches (of course not on my own, there were six of us and i'm sure i hardly contributed to the move) and we picked up trash and took tags of trees which we later found out were supposed to stay on the tree. Ooops, God will forgive, but i don't think that supervisor will. After all the hard work we finally got to take the tour. Which lasted 2 hours and covered every floor and almost every room of the temple. It was amazing. All the wood was brought in from Africa and alot of the stone is from Jerusalem. The Rexburg temple also features the Church's largest ceiling room along with four additional sealing rooms. Of course we have to have five sealing rooms, were in Rexburg where every wedding takes place after a two week engagement or your kitchen aid is free.

Rexburg Temple

But all joking aside, the Rexburg Temple is amazing and a blessing to have so close. I'm allready signed up to put booties on visitors feet for the open house. Good thing i got some practice in during the medford temple dedication. Consider me a bootie man! (mom, I mean in the sense that I put booties on peoples feet and thats it!)