Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's a Jungle in the Basement

You can call me Tarzan, cause this basement is beginning to look more and more like a jungle. You can thank Catherine for that. She has gotten me hooked on plant life since she is a horticulture major. Now, everytime I go to Walmart I can't help but find myself pulling plants off the shelves and setting them on the ground and examining them from all different angles. What's even worse is that once I get them home I give them a name. Its kind of like having room mates only you don't have to get after them to wash there dishes, or find out who finished your bag of Marshmallow Mateys. So all in all there pretty good room mates. I think next step will be a fish. I'll blog it when it happens. And your right, i need to get out and socialize more often. If your curious, here are there names:

This first ones name is "Linus". Don't ask me why. it really has nothing to do with the type of species of plant it is or anything (which is normally how I come up with there names). But to be honest, I think our inspiration for this name came after watching Oceans 13. I think Matt Damon's character's name is Linus. Anyway, this is a jade plant and supposedly really hard to kill. That's my kind of plant.

This next plant was purchased at the plant shop up on campus, which Cat worked at during the fall semester. This is a money tree. So naturally his name is "Cash-Money". He almost didn't make it over the christmas break. When we came back in January his leaves were all yellow and falling off. But i nursed him back to health and now he is healthy and has tons of new growth. I was pretty lucky with this one. I wish i could say i've never killed a plant yet. But i wasn't so lucky with my first plant. It was a present from Catherine, a love fern.

On the bright side, I just recently got a new love fern. Its an asparagus fern. And her name is "Fran Fern-inand". You can also call her Franny or even just Fran for short. She sits above the bathroom sink and enjoys the warm steam from a mornings shower. Catherine and Daniel HAD an asparagus fern also, but i'm not the only one whose killed a plant before. There fern died over the christmas break. Its good to know that even a horticulture major sometimes kills a houseplant or two. But thanks to Walmart they got another one for just a couple of bucks. Catherine swears we keep the plant section of Walmart in business. I'm beginning to think we really do.

To be honest with you I can't remember what type of plant this is. I could run upstairs and ask Catherine, but I'm just to lazy to do that so I'll just let you know what her name is. Like Linus this plant is named after a famous person, the one and only Amanda Bynes. Have you watched "She's the Man". If not, you should, its hilarious. So in memory of the great Amanda Bynes I named this plant after her. The plant sits on my bed side table (ok, its a tv tray table but I'm using it as a bed side table). Anyway, every morning I have the privilege of waking up next to Amanda Bynes. I bet you wish you were so lucky. Ok, your right, its only a plant. But a pretty cool plant at that.

And this last plant is called a snake plant. Now when I think of snakes I think of..................... Slytherin, off of Harry Potter. And when I think of Slytherin I think of....................... Draco Malfoy. So we call this one Draco. Pretty fitting i think. its my biggest plant, but one day I plan to go bigger. Maybe a nice palm or crotan.

Well that's all of them: Linus, Cash-Money, Fran Fern-inand, Amanda, and Draco. I know its against the honor code to be living with girls, but there only plants, so I think I'm safe. I bet your beginning to think I'm losing my mind down here in this basement. But i'm only naming the plants. Its one thing to name a plant, but its another to talk to one and...................... i do both. So I guess that makes me crazy. sounds like its time to get out and talk to some REAL people.

Until next post - Sincerely,

Ringing in the New Year with a Little Bit of Bubbly

Well its goodbye 2007 and hello 2008. We decided to have a pretty low key new years celebration at the Zimmer home. Low key until we cracked the bottles of Marteneli's sparkling cider open. We had three flavors to choose from. I think the best was the original. We even finally got to put those wine glasses to use. I think this picture proves how classy we Zimmers can be. Happy New Year everyone!