Sunday, March 2, 2008

"Dairy Queen"

from left to right: Aiden Zimmer, Jessica Oliver, Isaac Zimmer, Ila Zimmer, Jody Zimmer, and Sarah Oliver

I know its a little late to be making Valentines day posting but this one is worth mentioning. Isaac (my 2 and a half year old nephew) and I went on a double date with some lovely ladies. My date stood at roughly 2 feet 11 inches, just celebrated her fourth birthday, and most likely wore a top from the Mary-Kate and Ashley line. Her name is Ila Nicole Zimmer, and the one that is sitting in my lap in the picture above.

Isaac's date is about ready to graduate from college with a degree in construction management, likes to dance the night away, and is 20 years older than him (he likes the older women). her name is Jessica Oliver and has been a good friend of mine since my freshman year here at BYU-I. But here comes the real kicker. But it gets better, cause Isaac actually had two dates for the evening. Jessica's sister Sarah was also charmed by the two year old, mac and cheese lover who has a bit of an Italian accent, Isaac Joseph Zimmer.

After meeting the parents and discussing appropriate curfew times we loaded into Jessica's car and went out for ice cream. As we were driving down the icy Rexburg roads, I was discussing with ONE OF Isaac's dates as to which fine establishment would be best to enjoy some frozen dairy, when from the backseat came a request for................................Dairy Queen. That request came from my date for the evening, miss Ila Nicole Zimmer. I was thinking more like Mcdonalds or Wendys, but i was not about to let my date down, and i do love a woman who knows what she wants. So Dairy Queen it was.

The evening was wonderful we all squished into a booth at Dairy Queen and enjoyed a scrumptious ice cream cone while romantic music from artists like T-pain, Kelly Clarkson, and Taylor swift played in the background. I couldn't ask for a better Valentines date.