Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Is that a new haircut or did your ears get lowered?"

Before shots of all the shaggy kids.
"Is that a new haircut or did your ears lowered?" An old family friend, Clayton Newberry, used to ask me that question everytime after i got a haircut from dad. It took me awhile before i knew what he was actually asking me. This weekend all the kids (i'm going to include myself in this group) got our ears lowered.

Ila and I made an entire day out of it, coomplete with icecream and shopping. Let me give you a play by play account of the day becasue it was pretty comical when you spend it with a four year old girl.

First we got before photos of what are hair looked like before we were to get our haircut (as seen above). Isaac didn't go with us, but he insisted in being in our picture. next we loaded up into the exploder and drove down to a local salon where we had appointments with Sheryl and Candice. Yes, Ila has her own hairdresser, her name is Candice and Ila just thinks her name is "sooooooooo pretty."

On our way over i told Ila that she was going to have to sit very still as she got her haircut. We even practiced in the exploder before we went in. She said she would sit still. And sure enough once we got into the salon and sat on our chairs she never moved an inch. I would ask her a question and she wouldn't even look over to answer me, She wouldn't even speak, casue that would mean her face would move. Finally Candice turnded her seat towards me so we could talk to each other while we got our ears lowered. Eventually Ila became more comfortable, maybe a little tot comfortable. Towards the end of her haircut she was getting pretty bored and would lean forward and rest her head in her elbows against her knees. Finally the haircuts were finished and Ila couldn't stop whipping her head around and strutting up and down the salon to show off her new summer cut.

As i promised after our haircuts we went to McDonalds for a hot fudge sunday followed by some shopping at Wal-Mart and K-Mart (the only two stores in Rexburg who carries kids clothing). Before heading home to show Jason and Aimee we had to stop off at Dan and Cat's to once again let ila toss her head around and strutt around to show off the new style. Ila kept saying throughout the day' "check out my barb." I had to constantly remind her that her haircut was a "bob" not a barb.

So at the end of the day our ears had been lowered and we never looked so good. Our after pictures our below. We'll let you be the judge.

However Ila and I weren't the only ones to recieves a new summer cut this weekend. Isaac said goodbye to his mohawk and hello to a short buzzcut. It looks really good. And Aiden got his first haircut ever, Not quite a buzzcut like his older brother but short enough to keep cool in the summer and long enough to comb it with a part and impress all those relief society women at church. He is a handsome little guy. And I've got pictures to prove it.