Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Looking To Save On Gas This Year...

So I had a day off today. And when I have the day off I like to make my rounds. You know Ross, TJ-Maxx, maybe even the mall. When on my way to TJ-Maxx I was stunned to see what appears to be a car, maybe even a souped up golf-cart, or most likely one of those jazzy scooters with a cool hard-shell enclosure around it. Whatever it was, does it really need an entire parking space. I mean, you should be able to park that thing anywhere. I'd leave it by the front door of a store like the japanese leave there slippers outside the front shoji screen of there house, or however that works. Notice the shopping cart in front of the extremely compact car takes up more space then the car itself. If were still calling this car. This thing is tiny. So I had to pull over and take a picture of this ultra-mini cooper or what ever you want to call it. I guess if your looking to save on gas this year, check into one of these slightly larger then a hot-wheels car. 

Sunday, January 25, 2009

What's Your Desktop Wallpaper?

So I haven't been the most diligent in keeping up with my blog, and it was a part of my New Years goal to keep up with everyone else and there blogging, so I better improve. But you know how you realize you need to be better at blogging but realize your life is pretty dull at the moment and can't really think of anything great to blog about. Story of my life. Then I decided anything is better than nothing. so these next few postings might be kind of random, and not very interesting, but who cares right. At least I'm blogging. So this posting is simply "What's Your Desktop Wallpaper". Maybe I'll keep this as a monthly deal since i change my background regularly. Currnently my wallpaper is this:

I'm sure most of you know I'm studying architecture in school, and pictures like these are my absolute favorite. Last week my wallpaper was the image below with the pool extending beyond the wall of the building. How would you like to go swimming in that. Its honestly my dream to one day own a fixer-upper loft in a somewhat big city (not to big), and renovate it into a hip livable place. One can dream right? 

So what's your desktop wallpaper? 

Saturday, January 10, 2009

What's in Jody's Cell Phone???

How many of you enjoy the pictures in a book or magazine? I have to admit that when I select a book to read, I go for the one with the most pictures. And chances are I won't even read the book, i'll just look at the pictures. Same goes with magazines, newspapers, and even blogs. Yes, i'm sorry but I have to admit that even sometimes when i'm checking out everyones blog, I tend to skip the literature and go straight for the pictures. 

So for this posting I had decided to create a posting of nothing but pictures. And there all coming from my cell phone. Its about that time, the memory in the ol' cell phone is starting to fill up and its time to delete some of those pictures. But before I get rid of the collective array of photos, I had decided to share some of them with you all. So in no particular order here they are:

Lets start this posting of pictures off with my favorite and most cherished picture taken with my cell phone, the mullet shot. I couldn't resist getting a picture of this young, little hispanic boy playing with some second hand toy at the local D.I., I mean look at the that mullet. Perfectly feathered on top with a nice wave structure all the way down to the end. That is the best looking mullet I have ever seen, so I had to get a picture. That was an awkward experience trying to capture that scene on my cell phone in the middle of D.I.

Since I have this winter semester off, and work doesn't start for another week, this has been the common position for me over the past few weeks. Legs elevated, remote resting on stomach for easy access, and TV on. A.K.A. the couch potato position.

My brother and his wife have chosen the "nose on the wall" method for those times that their children are acting up. Aiden who is only a year old, recently experienced his first nose on the wall.

These were the road conditions 85% of the way home from Rexburg to Medford.

Christmas in Rexburg. That was my Christmas tree for a short period of time before moving back home. Not your traditional tree. The star was a prop i made for Jason and Aimee's ward christmas party.

There were some amazing sunsets in Rexburg right before the winter break, which made fro great photo opportunities in front of the Rexburg temple.

Christmas in the Zimmer home. You can tell the Zimmer family is growing, check out all those stockings on the mantle. All made by nana herself.

Has anyone ever been to Brookings before? They have that old museum inside a boat called Ship Ashore. Anyway, I was single, and there was a good looking indian woman outside just standing be herself. so we decided to get our pictures taken with each other.

My nephew Isaac was spiderman for halloween. I took them all out trick or treating, that was quite an experience (another blog posting for another time)

This was my pumpkin this year. It was a haunted house, can you tell? And for some odd reason grocery stores decided to start selling egg nog in october this year. notice the witch on the carton. I guess that makes it ok to see a christmas drink during the halloween holiday.

I love this picture. Jeff could find anything entertaining in whatever store you take him to. Such as the big and tall store. Never a dull moment with Jeff  around.

The first picture is a typical scene you would find when you step out your front door in the middle of winter in Rexburg, Idaho. The second picture is what you would see in the middle of winter in Oregon. I like option 2 a lot more.

Its always fun to get picture texts from your buddies. These are a couple of my friends from Medford Derek and David.

This is me at work. I paint for the school at BYU-Idaho. I guess they were concerned about possible asbestos. Ok not really, there was just a lot of dust. I was sanding.

Ok, so majority of my pictures are of my niece and nephews. But how could I resist, just look how cute they are.

These are my sweet rides at work back in Rexburg. The one without a top can be pretty chilly in the winter, but a blast to drive on the snow. 

My buddy Derek and I were feeling rather ritzy and had dinner up at Beasleys by the river in Ashland on new years eve. I felt especially ritzy sporting the cabby hat.

This is my nephew Aiden, and that boy will sleep anywhere. As you can tell.

Here are a couple of Autocad projects i had this semester. The first was house was a basic 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house. The second plan was a beach house I picked out.

As you can tell it was about time to delete some photos from the cell phone. Now I have plenty of room to capture some more memories from the new year - 2009. So HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY. And we'll do this again at the end of the year, or at least until I run out of memory on my phone again.