Sunday, May 31, 2009

An Evening Out on the Veranda

Now that warm weather has arrived i've focussed a little more attention on the outside space rather then the inside. Cat and I just planted some flowers in pots yesterday and hopefully they will survive (I get a lot of shade down here). This is my second hammock, I'm still trying to find one that is comfortable and affordable - is that possible (thanks daniel for setting them up and constantly adjusting them). The best apart about this patio is at night when we light lots of candles and bring out all the throw pillows and blankets. Were going to start watching movies out here at night. We've already played some card games and just sat and visited as we enjoyed the outdoors. It reminds me of home and how we used to live outside and mom decorated the patio to make it feel like the backyard was an extension of our living space. Thanks mom for the inspiration. Enjoy your summer everyone and feel free to stop by for a movie night out on the veranda!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS! I'm so lucky to have you as a sister. Thanks for always looking out for me, and taking care of me. I know I can always count on you when I just need to talk/vent. Your the best and I love you. Happy Birthday!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Reminds Me of the Younger Years........

These are a few of my assignments from my Rendering and Perspective class this semester. Its always fun to get back to your roots and break out the colored pencils. Although I have to admit, I'm still trying to figure out how to color within the lines. Oh........ and a side-note, we can't use rulers in this class. 

Sunday, May 10, 2009


We finally had some decent weather here in Rexburg over the weekend. And when the weather heats up that means its time for yard work, barbeques, bounce house, more yard work, smores, and otter pops. Which is what are weekend consisted of. Were looking forward to a summer full of weekends like these. These pictures explain it all...

Lets start with my favorite picture. The fact that Isaac wears his helmet everywhere adds to the effect of this graphic tee. It really looks like thats Isaac's robotic body. "SAFETY FIRST"

Cat did an excellent job redesigning the front yard. And Aimee and Ila lent a helping hand in the planting phase.

Uncle Jody let me wear his shirts after getting soaked by the unexpected sprinkler test. Thanks dad and uncle Dan.

We played in the bounce house. 

Uncle Jody put bandanas on our head. According to Ila they are called hobo-bandanas.

We ate delicious food that was barbecued on the fire pit.

We replanted in the front yard and watered all the plants.

We roasted s'mores and experimented with coconut marshmallows, and reeses peanut butter cups.

We built planter boxes for the soon to be planted garden. Aiden approved

We played with sidewalk chalk.

We gardened - well...... played in the dirt. Pretty much the same thing right?

We helped uncle Daniel mow the lawn.

We ate otter pops and lounged in uncle Jody's sun bathing chair.

...............and many more weekends like this to come.


Top Ten Reasons Why I Love My Mom:
1.   She's hip! She's up on pop culture and knows how to text.
2.   She raised FOUR BOYS! Which I imagine can be quite difficult, but she did an excellent job doing it.
3.   She taught me how to be a gentleman and have respect for others.
4.   She loves my input on furniture, decor and clothing and always makes me feel needed.
5.   She created an environment at home that was always comfortable, fun, and full of love.
6.   She always had fresh baked treats waiting for us when we got home from school, and still has them ready when we come back from college.
7.   She loves to be outdoors, whether its camping or swimming in the backyard, you made us all appreciate outdoor activities.
8.   She has a very strong testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and loves to serve the Lord.
9.   She helps me deal with stress and reminds of the importance of taking time to relax.
10. She loves me and never lets me forget it.

I love you Mom! Hope you have a special Mothers Day.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Memories of growing up with my big-brother Daniel:

*Remember sitting at opposite sides of the living room and sliding our hot wheels back and forth to each other. We even had nicknames for the cars that we would yell out as we pushed them to the other side of the room. "Here comes Meatloaf!"

*Remember getting into fights in the pool because i thought you were showing off to whosever friends were over at the time and we nearly drowned each other in the pool. (not the greatest memory but it just came to my mind)

*Remember going with mom to pick up all the film at the airport and we used to walk around with each others arms slung over each others shoulder. We looked liked the best of friends until you saw us from behind and noticed that we were pinching each others neck.

*Remember how I was the interior design enthusiast at age 8 and would rearrange the bedroom at least twice a week. I know you hated that - but the room always ended up clean in the end didn't it?

*Remember playing hot lava monster on the bunk beds. We would gather up all the pillows and blankets and pile them on the floor in front of the beds so when we fell off the top we would land on something soft rather then the hardwood floors.

*Remember making forts out of sheets and blankets hung from the walls and bunk-beds in our room.

*Remember taking that extra long sheet and stretching it over the floor vents and cranking up the AC and climbing inside so we could stay cool during the summer.

*Remember walking over to Planet Video renting Mortal Kombat almost every weekend and watching it over and over. We could have saved a lot of money if we just bought it.

*Remember when Pogs were cool, and we would walk to Bruno's Pizza Parlor and play that game where you direct the crane arm to pick up as many Pogs as it could get.

*And remember how cold you like the room to be when you sleep so you would have the fan on high and the window open in the middle of the winter, meanwhile your partially ethiopian brother (ME) sleeping in the bed below you had to sleep with at least 8 blankets and still never stayed warm during the night.

Anyway, I hope you have an awesome birthday big brother. Let me know if you ever get the urge to play with some hot-wheels cause there all down here in the basement. Thanks for all the memories over the years. Happy Birthday!