Friday, July 24, 2009

Late nights and lots of Horkleys...

The spring semester is finally over. I spent many nights in the lab coloring, working on the computer, coloring, printing, pounding the keyboard of the computer cause my project wouldn't print, more coloring, and so on. One saturday afternoon I went in around 11:30 in the after noon and didn't get home till 6:00 the following morning. Needless to say i haven't had much sleep lately but now that the semester is over i plan on frequent naps to get caught up before my final semester here at BYU-Idaho.

Here are a few pictures of some of the project I have been working on this semester:

An exterior rendering of the rec. center I designed

An interior shot in the lobby area from the second level

Another interior shot from a on the same level from a a different angle

Basketball court with suspended running track. I don't know know where the basketball court lines went. they disappeared on me...

Another shot of the basketball court and running track

Pool area

Pool shot take from observation area

We had to make a short walkthrough of our building for our last day of class. The video involves some inside jokes so it might not be that interesting....

This was another students design for an art gallery. He was a first year student and i was responsible for producing an interior and exterior rendering for his presentation.

Interior of art gallery

This rendering was done all by hand. We were given a set of plans of the Rexburg temple during the middle of the semester and we re to produce a 3D rendering to scale of the temple. This was probably the hardest part of the semester.

It may not look like a lot - but it was enough to keep me busy, VERY BUSY! I was also taking a specification class and statics and strengths class. A little bit of poor planning on my part when it came to scheduling classes for this semester. I think i learned my lesson. Now finally....... I get to sleep!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wish List

I like to think of myself of somewhat of a cologne connoisseur. I have a small variety of different colognes for different occasions . And I always seem to have one or two on my wish list. Right now I have three: YSL, GUCCI, and Clinique - Happy.

Monday, July 6, 2009


I'm not a die-hard American Idol fan. But I will admit (and I think a lot of people would agree with me) that it is extremely entertaining to watch some of the hopeful singers audition for American Idol. As we watch I think we all wonder, "Why hasn't somebody told them they sound like nails on a chalkboard when they sing?" or "Why didn't somebody stop them before they left the house wearing that patent leather jumpsuit and dyed green hair?" or more simply "Do they really think they sing well enough to be the next American Idol?" I know at least one of those thoughts has crossed our minds as we watch singer after singer embarrass themselves on national television in hopes of being launched into world wide fame for there singing ability. And like I said for some reason it is extremely entertaining.

Who could forget William Hung?! "SHE BANG, SHE BANG!" The sad thing is, that his awful performance actually brought him fame and fortune. Maybe not quite as much as any winner of American Idol, but he has starred in movies, appeared on episodes of MTV's celebrity death match, was offered a record deal for 25,000$, released 3 CD's, and even better featured in a documentary titled Hangin' with Hung. Not to bad for your average 15 minutes of fame.

Do you remember this guy? Renaldo Lapuz auditioned for the seventh season of American Idol wearing what appears to be a polar bear cape with matching hat. He may not have had the best voice of the group but his self written song "We're Brothers Forever" was a hit with judges Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul. And why wouldn't it be. The song simply repeated "I am your brother, your best friend forever......" over and over. Needless to say, he wasn't offered a recording deal like Mr. Hung.

How about this guy? Keith Beukelaer recieved the title of "The Worst Singer in the World" from Judge Simon Cowell. I don't know, I think he gave Madonna a run for her money with his version of Like a Virgin and I Want to Dance With Somebody. The audition even included some of Madonna's typical moves: a toss of the hair, a sorry attempt at a body-roll and several winks directed at the audience or in this case, Randy Jackson.

Don't forget about James Lewis! This tour guide from Phillidelphia was encouraged by his coworkers to tryout for the show. Which leads me back to my original question - Why hasn't somebody told them they sound like nails on a chalkboard when they sing? In this case, they encouraged him. WHY? Instead of nails on a chalkboard James sounded more like a tape deck running low on batteries. If i was him I would be planning some office pranks myself to get even. Maybe even put a coworkers stapler in some jello...

And then you get people like this. Slightly funny, but mostly disturbing. I don't know his name. I have no desire to
find out his name. And even if i had the name of this bizarre participant i wouldn't dare enter it into a Wikipedia search like i have with the previous participant to find out what kind of fame and fortune he might have received for wearing a number like this to onto the show. Like Back to another one of my original questions - Who lets somebody leave the house looking like this. Especially when there about to do a perform a fashion show in-front of national television. Do us a favor and mail that outfit back to Princess Leah or Shakira.

Now, this post is getting a little more in depth then I had planned. The reason I started this entry was because of a video clip I saw on YouTube. As you may all know America isn't the only place featuring aspiring singers to become famous billboard topping celebrities. A show titled "Music Idol", the Bulgarian equivalent of American Idol, features the world's next Mariah Carey. Enjoy.......


KEN LEEEEEEE............

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth of July this year. I was lucky enough to have thursday and friday off from school this week and do a little playing. I probably should have spent the time doing homework since there is only two weeks left in this semester and many projects are currently left unfinished. Instead, my buddy Derek came up from Provo and we spent all day Thursday at Yellowstone. It rained off and on but was still well worth the trip. I forget how amazing Yellowstone is. Here are a few pictures from the trip.