Saturday, March 20, 2010

Road trip...... Point A to Point B

I've been kind of at a loss of topics to blog about for the past few days. I mean, all i've been doing is sitting at the beach, soaking up the sun and watching the dolphins swim up and down the beach. (I'll admit - it is a rough life!) Then I realized - I never blogged about this long trek i made back to the east coast. That was a pretty big deal! Cross that off the bucket list... Not to mention I made the trip with no cruise control. Now I have one extremely ripped right leg that can hardly fit in a pair of jeans while the left leg is just as skinny as ever. Ok, thats a bit of an exaggeration.

The map below shows the route i took to drive out to North Carolina. As you may have noticed it wasn't quite the most direct way to go. But i wanted to avoid all the snow and stick to the warmest weather possible. The rain however decided to follow me all six days of the trip.

These next few posts I decided to put up a few pictures from each day of the trip. Starting with point A to point B, Medford Oregon to Los Angeles California.

Originally I had planned on taking off on a monday, but as usual the passes were in terrible condition. Lots of snow, ice and the possibility of required chains, which i had no room in my car to pack (thats no exaggeration - that car was loaded up, to many clothes...) And why is the hardest part of any trip just getting out of Oregon. Y'all know what i mean if your from Oregon

But once your over the passes its smooth sailing. I have to be honest (and i might be slightly biased) but the pretties state i drove through was the one i left!

I didn't take much pictures in California. I was just ready to get out of all of that traffic. So i didn't stop for any pictures. Except for just east of LA. I was intrigued by the wind farm and must have take about a dozen pictures of it. I'll only bore you with few of them. I don't know why I was so fascinated with them. Maybe because i just recently became LEED accredited, or the fact that My brother Daniel and I always talked about driving up to the wind farm just outside of Idaho Falls, or maybe i just had to use the restroom and realized i hadn't really taken any pictures.....

The only bad thing (well one of the bad things) about traveling alone, is you have nobody to take your picture for you while your out seeing the sites. So every once in awhile i had to take a picture of me for proof that i made the trek across the states.

A special THANKS to my other big brother Stevie Nebeker for letting me crash on his couch for the night, and taking me to In And Out for dinner. Thanks for always looking out for me!

Next stop................ Phoenix, Arizona.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Straight Crazy or Really Talented?

For Ben Folds concert this past weekend, he had a guy by the name of Zach Williams opening for him. Like Ben, he chose to go out and sing solo and play one instrument during his performance - the guitar. I thought he was awesome. So good that I decided to go home and download a few of his songs. (Isn't that the idea of a concert - make the fans like you so they will go home and buy there cd's - Well it worked) Unfortunately two of his songs, which I happened to like the most, were the ones that weren't available to buy. I guess there both fairly new - go figure! I did however find them live on youtube. There not the best quality, but there the only videos of the two songs that i love. Watch them and let me know what you think. By the end you'll either think he is really talented or really crazy. You'll know what i mean after you see this......

He chose to sing this song standing up when i saw him perform........

I'm going to go with STRAIGHT TALENTED!! I thought he was amazing. What do you think?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ben Folds and a Piano

Before I give you a quick little rundown of this past Saturday, I was wondering if somebody could clarify some Blogger etiquette for me. You see, I am really appreciative of everyone who has been checking my blog and leaving comments, and i was wondering........ what is the best way to respond to comments. As far as i know blogspot isn't quite set up like facebook where you can make comments to peoples comments. Right? Anyway, let me know what the best way is to respond, because i have been reading your comments and i really do appreciate them. Makes me want to be a better Blogger!

So Saturday....... It was about 70 degrees out, sunny, mild to low wind. (I know! my life is so tough right now. Sorry to all those in Idaho and Utah still braving the cold and snow.) My friends Rebecca, and Michael and I loaded into the car and drove down HERE............

Which happens to be Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Its just about an hour and half drive south of where i'm at right now. Wait, wait......... lets look at one more picture.

Sorry I had to rub it in........ While we were in Myrtle Beach we did a little shopping, did a little eating, did a little playing. And then we headed HERE..

The House of Blues, which is best described by there website:
House of Blues Myrtle Beach opened in 1997 and is located along the White Pointe Swash stretch of ocean thought to have been a favorite hiding spot for famous pirates such as Edward "Blackbeard" Teach and Anne Bonney. Home to unique pieces of folk art by Jimmy Lee Sudduth and Ruth Mae McCrane, House of Blues Myrtle Beach was built to resemble a Southern farmhouse with adjoining tobacco warehouse. The music hall is sheathed in authentic tin from an old tobacco barn from Jackson Mississippi. In keeping with tradition, the House of Blues Myrtle Beach displays the "Crazy Quilt" and keeps a metal box of mud from the Delta Mississippi underneath its stage

And we went to the house of blues to see Ben Folds play, and sing of course. But he really is AMAZING on the piano. He was playing so hard on the piano I thought he was going to break the keys right off the piano. It was a great show. It was just Ben Folds and the piano. No back up singers, no other instruments. Just a MAN AND HIS PIANO. Which happened to be the name of the concert.

Mid way into the concert a young man, still in high school. Reached up from the crowd and gave Ben a piece of paper with something written on it. After reading the note, Ben looks up at the crowd an says "Yeah, i can do that". And then he looks out and says "Jason wants to know if Rebecca will go with him to the prom" Talk about the ideal way to ask a girl to a prom. But even better is that Ben went back to the piano and wrote a song right at the piano about a girl named Jason asking Rebecca to the prom. And it was GOOD! There were parts in the song where the crowd would repeat what Ben sang so everyone was involved. It was awesome. Thats really the best word to describe the concert - AWESOME! Here are a few pics we snagged on our cell phones.

The opening act for Ben Folds was a guy names Zach Williams. Ever heard of him. He played the guitar and sang, and was awesome as well. I'll post something on him in the next few days.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cabinet Art

Thanks for everyone who commented on my last post. I guess this means I'll have to keep up my Blog since some people actually read it.

I've been meaning to create a post on a little craft project i had back in Rexburg, Idaho when i was working in the paint shop for the school. We had these cabinets that lined a couple of the walls and, this being a paint shop, some of the students a few years back each left a little piece of art on each of the door fronts. I have to be honest, there artwork wasn't the greatest. Notice the pictures below......

So my last semester of my school experience at BYU-Idaho i decided to update the cabinets a little. I figured it would be a good way to leave my mark on the paint shop when i left. I painted each cabinet a different paint shop tool we frequently used and on the other wall i did a painting of a gator. Take a look at the after pictures........

Sorry, this is such a late post. but better later then never i guess.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Its Been Awhile.........

You might be wondering...... Is Jody Zimmer still alive? Did he forget about his blogspot account? Does he have an extremely boring life with nothing to post about? Is he without internet and can't update his blog? All these questions and more i'm sure your wondering about, and the truth is, i'm just plain awful at keeping this blog updated. But since I am many many miles away from the west coast since moving to North Carolina - i should probably keep you all updated on all of life's little happenings. I have to be honest, i'm a little intimidated to create posts cause i feel like they have to be funny, and everything correctly spelled, and formatted just right. Thats normally why i don't feel like posting. But as you can already tell, i haven't capitalized my "i"s. I'm not even quite sure that punctuation thing i did with the plural "i" is correct. So if you want me to post, and i will be better about it, don't expect it to be spellchecked or punctuated. The posts are mostly going to be focussed around pictures of the days events. So i'll start with some AMAZING sunsets on the east coast. I forgot how pretty they are out here. so ENJOY!

Oh........ and another reason i don't care to post sometimes... Is when i don't get any comments on a past post. Then whats the point i figure. So leave some comments and i'll keep this updated. Thanks everyone. Sorry about the lack of posting. I'll try my best to do better!